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How your business can prepare for shipping during Christmas 2020

The other day I was shopping around the local supermarket and to my bewilderment saw chocolate selection boxes. We have barely touched September and Christmas is pushing its way through to the forefront of our minds.

Anyway, you and your small business may not have thought of the added preparations needed for shipping during Christmas 2020, and that is absolutely fine! Check out some tips below to make the hectic holiday season a pleasant one.

Prep, prep and prep

Black Friday and Christmas sales in fast pursuit, preparation for the last quarter is key to your business’ success throughout the winter months. Air cargo books up insanely fast due to consumers making last minute purchases whereas FCL and LCL shipments on ocean freight become gold dust.

Freight Forwarders book their shipment as far as several months in advance, so make sure you stay ahead of the ball game.

Know your dates

With all major UK ports closing on Christmas Eve, ensure you maintain close communication with your manufactures regarding seasonal timetables. Identifying production speed levels will enable you to prepare in advance orders to satisfy your business goals.

Air, Sea, Road or Rail?

Due to increase demand now is time to discuss with your freight-forwarder the best mode of transport for your goods. The word ‘multimodal’ may pop up in conversation which essentially means using multiple methods of transport to avoid higher shipping costs.

If you can afford longer transit times then this is by far the most cost effective way of sticking to your budget and shipping deadlines.

Account for product defects

Temp staff, high targets and increased pressure load may naturally incur some product defects. Ensure you prepare far in advance to account for defective products, otherwise allocate some of your budget towards this to ensure it does not eat away at your profit margins.

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