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Happy Chinese New Year

2021 is home to the Chinese New Year of the Ox and according to mythology, The Jade Emperor hosted a party, inviting twelve zodiac animals. Coming in second is the Ox; losing only to the Rat who tricked the Ox into giving him a ride to the party.

Alas, many freight-forwarders, companies and people will strive to be the rat in the run-up to Christmas and the new year; matching the unprecedented festive demand and manic jumbo sales. This article will tell you how you can prepare for the Chinese New Year and what it will mean for future shipping orders. Issues with the UK ports and shipping rates the highest they have been in a decade are all adding onto the usual CNY rush.

When is Chinese New Year?

The Chinese New Year falls on February 12th 2021 (Friday) and the festival will last until February 26th.

What will happen across the Chinese New Year?

China accounts for 20% of all global manufacturing therefore understanding what will happen to a company supply’s chain is crucial for you and your business.

  • Up to two weeks before Chinese New Year, factories across China will pause
  • During Chinese New Year, suppliers and factories will take no new orders.
  • Production in the majority of factories will not start again for up to two weeks
    after Chinese New Year.

How can my business prepare for Chinese New Year?

With Chinese Mythology and Chinese New Year disruptions covered, let’s get into the nitty-gritty stuff of how on earth do you prepare for such organised chaos. Luckily enough, if you follow these simple steps, the delivery process can be handled smoothly.

Communicate with your manufacturer

In the lead up to the Chinese New Year, maintaining communication with your manufacturer is highly important. Find out upcoming production speeds during the festivities and inform your freight-forwarder of changes in production volumes and shipment loads.

Consider combined freight for your goods

‍With everyone racing to get their shipments booked, now is the time to decide what mode of freight to use. Airfreight guarantees fast times, but these get booked up early, usually with a high price to pay.

Ocean freight is still seen as the more cost-effective option during Chinese New Year, although in the lead up the holidays, expect to see reduced shipments in the run-up to Chinese New Year too. Migrant workers often leave two weeks prior the holiday season which has a knock-on effect on shipment vessels.

The answer to this? Consider combined freight using air, sea, road and rail. This may incur longer transit times for your orders but if planned far in advance, this is a strategy that should be discussed with your freight-forwarder.

Take into account product defects

Workers are in a rush to hit targets so they can get home to their families and begin the festivities, albeit impacting product quality. ensure you allow time to correct product defects or budget for incoming defective products meaning your profit margins will not take a hit.

Book in advance

All prior steps should be taken up to a month in advance and that includes booking your shipment too. The earlier you book the higher chance of securing that all desired space in the run-up to Chinese New Year. Communicate with your freight-forwarder to identify the peak season schedule, ensuring there are no mishaps with your shipment.

If you are using ocean freight, be aware that you will need to book port of origin by January latest.

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