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With over 37 years of experience in the logistics industry, we at Asia Trade Partners have expertise in Ocean, Air, Road & Rail Freight services.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge, relationships with our clients and carriers combined with excellent customer service.

Whether its from parcels you ship, pallets or full containers we ensure its a seamless and efficient experience for you. We can also guide you with any information you may need.

With 37 years of experience in management and international forwarding we can provide consultancy either on a day rate or fixed term contract rate if this something you desire long term. We help with reviewing your overall shipping procedure through to assistance with paperwork, customs or inco terms.


our services

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    Air Cargo

    Well the use of air cargo is often only used when ‘time critical’, production delays or ‘just in time’ purchases

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    Ocean Freight

    CONTAINER SERVICES; nearly all the worlds cargoes & shipping moves via Container vessels, these come in various size

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    T.I.R. Road Services

    TIR Asia Trade partners specialise in the 'former Eastern Bloc'( extract former map of of USSR ) Russia , Baltic's &

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    Art & Antiques

    We provide collection,  packing, wrapping Insurance, hand delivery....and Insurance. We other services for works of Art

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    We arrange best means of transport for you after getting an in-dephth knowledge of our clients requirements. We at ATP u


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Charity We Support

Monthly charity donations, on your shipping.

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